Why to do your work

               Why to do your work


If you do your work then you will have no work to do then you can play games on your device. If you do your work you may get paid for it. You will make your caregiver happy and then your caregiver may give you chocolate or a treat or something that you want. 


You will make your teacher happy, everyone wants their teacher happy, once your teacher is happy you might get a treat to play a game on your chromebook. Doing your work is good because if you keep doing your work then you will get used to doing your work, then you can help others with their work.


If you finish all your work then you can help your teacher clean up or you can help your teacher do something else, then in return they might give you money then you can buy yourself something you want to buy with the money.


Why the weekend should be three days

Why weekends should be three days.


Here are lots of reasons why you should think about why weekends should be three days: children will have more energy, be able to spend more time with their family and have more time to keep our house clean.


Firstly I think that having more time to rest I will be very energetic for school on Tuesday. Secondly, having more time to spend with my family will be way more fun. Some people think that having more time to learn is better, but some 


People need time to relax. I will have more time to clean up my house then I will get time to go on my tablet. If I get to play on my tablet I will be happy, and I will be very energetic for school.


Secondly I will have more time to spend with my family and friends. Some believe that we need more time to learn, but some people need time to relax including teachers and the principal/ Deputy principal. Also, to relax we need to not be stressed.


 We need more time to clean up our house. So then when we clean our house up we will not be stressed because it will be clean. Then my caregiver won’t be angry because the house will be already nice and clean.


 Not surprisingly, employees reported less stress, burnout, fatigue, as well as better mental health and improved work-life balance,” Prof Maher says. This study provides empirical evidence that people have healthier lifestyle patterns when they have a short break, such as a three day weekend. 


In conclusion there are lots of reasons why I think we should have a 3-day weekend. I hope after reading this you agree. 🙂 🙂




my experience at stardome

before we went to stardome we had to talk about rules we had to follow.then we called a bus to come .then we waited after the bus came we hopped in.then we were driving all the way to stardome. then we got out of the bus then and waited until they were ready. then we went inside It was fun i got to see a expensive piece of the moon.everyone was excited. and after exploring stardome we had a competition and my team got 4/7.after we talked a bit more about space  then it was almost time to go back to school.then we watched a movie about how the parents of matariki got separated. then we went back to school.

The mysterious forest.

The forest was silent. The only sound I heard was some dangerous  wolves howling and leafs crackling. Trixie is getting more scared by each second. she is in a small hut in the forest in the hut is some gold one of her friend left there for trixie to look after and her 


friends name is pamela she is a baker trixie thinks that someone might come in to the hut and take her friend pamela’s gold she is getting hungry there is no food so she  decides to go to pamela,s house she brings the gold with her pamela is not home but trixie 


has some spare keys so she unlocks the door but before she gets to come inside some robbers come so she quickly went inside then she wrote on a paper here is your gold back there are robbers targeting it so she put it in pamela room she sees a locked chest so she opens it 


In the chest is family jewellery that has been passed down since ancient time so all of it is rare so Pamela has to hide in the hut or they will raid her. Trixie is still hungry then she sees a pie so she eats it once she ate it she wanted to go home so she walkins to the 


Door and leaves the hut she walks back to her home down deep in the forest she feels better now once she gets home she goes to her room then goes to sleep. Then someone knocks on the door so she gets off of her bed and answers it and it was pamela so she tells 


Pamela  she went to her home and ate the pie then Pamela said oh no that was a special pie for a customer then Trixie said “I’m so sorry i didn’t know that. Trixie says i can help you make the pie again pamela says ok but we need to make it fast because she needs 


it at 1pm trixie says it’s 11am  we should go to your home right now they go to pamela’s home then they get all the ingredients and bake the pie once they finished they put it in a special box then they give the cake to the customer address then they dropped the 


pie off by the time that was done it was 1pm then pamela says we should go back to my home trixie says ok so they went back to Pamela’s home then they were hungry so pamela said ok wait in the lounge i’ll bake so chips so trixie went in the lounge to wait while 


Waiting she cleans up a bit once the chips are done Pamela dished it out on the plate then she puts it on the table then Trixie gets the table ready then Pamela puts the food on the table. Then they started to eat then someone says  im gonna get you


So Pamela and Trixie went to the bathroom and the person was pennywise. The girls screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

   The end.